The work that Tim does -


Tim enjoys speaking in high school morning assemblies and religious education classes. He shares with young adults about discovering their identity, as well as the dangers of drug use and he tells how his own faith has enabled him to leave his destructive lifestyle behind and live a productive and healthy life.


Tim speaks to young adults in a more relaxed setting of youth groups. Again spelling out the dangers of drug use and warning of the impending dangers associated with that kind of lifestyle.


For the past 16 years, Tim has been sharing his testimony, as well as opening the truth of God's word, by bringing alive the life changing, freedom giving message it offers. He uses his life story as an example, which proves the reality of God and testifies of the grace and faithfulness of God.


For the last ten years, Tim regularly and passionately shares his life story in many prisons around the North of England. He partners with the chaplaincy teams in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, using his own personal life transforming encounter with God as an example and proof that God is real and longing to heal the hurting and broken.

All the work that Tim has previously done has been in his free time and limited by his family responsibilities, however, Tim's intention is to give his life over to this work and further his outreach's by beginning prison faith based work shops on a weekly basis - discipling those who have made a decision to give their lives to Christ.