This book that has been 2 years in the writing and 45 years in the making.

It will take your breadth away as you turn the pages of Tim's life story and journey with him through some of life's darkest taboos and scale the heights of restoration.

"This is not my story, this is my life......" Tim Haigh.

Tim's life was one of pain and violence, crime and prison, cocaine and Ecstasy, sorrow and Heroin.

The pain and suffering he had spent his young life trying to escape from finally caught up with him and it seemed that the only permanent solution to eradicating the pain inside him was death itself.
But then.......Tim had a life transforming encounter with God himself, which set him free from his destructive lifestyle.

Tim is a former Teen challenge graduate and staff member, is now married with children and has been planted in a local church for the last 14 years.

Tim has spent the last 16+ years sharing his life story in churches and youth groups, schools and prisons, in newspapers and on TV.

He uniquely communicates with honesty, humour and passion this message of hope to others who are trapped in addiction or paralysed by life controlling problems.

Tim has one simple vision in life - to communicate this 'message of hope' that he has been entrusted with.